Here are just a few past projects.  

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Las Vegas, Nevada Sustainability Certifications

Successfully facilitated the award of more than sixty sustainability certifications across more than thirty properties for a large hospitality client.  Collected and analyzed energy, water, waste, and policy data from assessments to create a training process to further improve environmental metrics and levels of employee engagement.  


Indian Country Destination Website

Wrote an award-winning business plan to develop a destination website for American Indian lodging and tours.  Worked with the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) to create the website strategy, research and collect tourism information from more than 50 tribes, and co-manage the first-of-its kind destination website to promote Indian Country tourism:


Campeche, Mexico Tourism Assessment

Conducted a tourism assessment of the state of Campeche, Mexico for a client working group representing  the public and private tourism sector.  Consultants led the field analysis of signage and cultural interpretation of attractions, evaluated tourism training programs across the State, and designed a tourism awareness campaign for the city of Campeche.  Recommendations are in the process of being implemented.


Rurrenabaque, Bolivia Tourism Marketing

Worked with local Amazonian tour operators to redesign websites which doubled online traffic and increased bookings. New tour products were developed and marketing materials created for both B2B and B2C outreach.  Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria were applied to increase sustainable operations and create a local alliance of sustainable operators.


Southern Ecuador Digital Communications

Advised small communities and non-governmental organizations in Ecuador over a period of four years in the effective development of print and electronic communication materials including websites, blogs, videos and html newsletters. Efforts were crucial in promoting small-scale agri-businesses and adventure tourism projects in addition to securing new grants and donations for conservation and sustainable development work.


2013 Adventure Tourism Market Study

Executed the 2013 Adventure Travel Market Study for the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Conducted an online probability sample survey to analyze the demographic and psychographic characteristics of adventure travelers, popularity of various adventure activities, and financial impact of adventure tourism on the global economy.


Destination DC Strategic Marketing Plan

Worked with a team of consultants to create a five-year strategic marketing plan for Destination DC, the Washington DC Destination Marketing Organization. Conducted over 40 interviews with industry and government stakeholders to build consensus on the city’s most valuable assets and future tourism development opportunities.


Gees Bend, Alabama Marketing Strategy

Created a marketing strategy for the town of Gees Bend, Alabama, which identified high-priority customer segments, key branding and messaging strategies, appropriate online communication tools, and partnership opportunities.